Spanking Village


You may contact me at if you have a story that you wish to have hosted on this website. By submitting a story to me, you are giving me permission to use it. Although you may request removal of a story you have submitted, I cannot guarantee an immediate response, although I will do my best to honor your wishes.

Submitting a story does not guarantee that I will publish it on this website. This isn't a public forum, but rather a carefully curated repository. I will not accept low-quality submissions. Even high-quality work might not be published if it doesn't fit with the general themes of this website. Please do not be offended if I choose not to publish your stories. It doesn't mean that it's not good, just that it's not right for this website. It's trivially easy to obtain cheap or free hosting for such content elsewhere.

If you have artistic talent and would like to include illustrations for either a story of your own, or a story written by myself (Village Elder), I am open to that. However, I will not accept any artwork in which characters under the age of eighteen are depicted.

-- Village Elder