Spanking Village

Adult Adoption

"I'm not familiar with this word," said Zaina. "What do you mean you want to 'adopt' me?" Mr. Carter scratched his chin trying to think of the best way to explain the concept. "Well you were born to a mother and a father, who are sadly no longer in this world. I can never truly replace them, but if I adopt you, then that means that you legally become my daughter."

Zaina was stunned. She had never imagined such a thing could happen. She had to flee her home country two years ago due to war. Both of her parents had been killed in the war. She had gone to live in an orphanage, but it felt more like a prison than a home.

When she first arrived in the country, she had a brief stay in the hospital to recover from an injury she had sustained in her home country. Mr. Carter was one of the doctors she had met while in the hospital. Much to her surprise, he kept in contact with her after she was discharged. He had shown her how to setup an email account, and the two corresponded via email.

Two years had passed, and she was now aging out of the orphanage. Mr. Carter surprised her by asking her to meet him at a nearby restaurant. She had no money but he told her that he would pay for everything. Shortly into their meal, he brought up the idea of adopting her.

"But I am about to turn eighteen in a few days," said Zaina. "The orphanage people told me that I will be an adult then. Isn't adoption for children?"

Mr. Carter nodded. "Normally, that's the case. Due to my busy job and the fact that I have remained unmarried since the passing of my wife, I was unable to adopt you as a child. The agency that has jurisdiction over your case required a parent who is able to be more present than I am. But adopting an adult is surprisingly easier in this country."

"What will happen to me if you adopt me," asked Zaina. Mr. Carter smiled. "With your circumstances, it will probably take several years for you to get your life in order. You still need to complete your education and gain greater proficiency in our language. It all starts with a home though, and that's what I'm offering you. You will live in my house for as long as you want."

Tears filled Zaina's eyes. "Thank you so much, Mr. Carter!" Her eyes suddenly widened and she clamped a hand over her mouth briefly. "I'm sorry. Should I call you 'Father' now?"

Mr. Carter chuckled. "You should do whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you want to do this, then I will come pick you up on your birthday and we will go to the courthouse to make it official."

"It can be done so soon?" asked Zaina. Mr. Carter nodded. "My lawyer has already done most of the groundwork. I've wanted to adopt you for a long time. I actually began looking into this process when you were still a patient of mine."

A few days later, Zaina was being welcomed into her new home. Mr. Carter had a biological daughter named Kenzie, who was very welcoming towards Zaina.

It was truly a dream come true for Zaina. She had grown up in a rundown hovel on a dirty street. Now she was living in a magnificent house, and Mr. Carter provided her with everything she needed as well as a generous allowance so she could buy herself things she wanted. She intended to complete her education and get a job one day, but for now, it was nice to be spoiled.

She and Kenzie began hanging out frequently. One night, the two had stayed out long past curfew. Kenzie had offered beer to Zaina, who drank some. Alcohol was completely illegal in her home country, so she was curious to at least try it. She didn't like the taste and didn't drink more than a few sips.

"Oh shit!" said Kenzie suddenly. She checked the time. "We need to get home now! I'm going to be in so much trouble."

Zaina noticed the time as well. "Oh, that's right. It's past curfew. We will need to apologize to your… I mean our father." Kenzie shook her head. "He will probably accept an apology from you, but he's definitely going to spank me."

This made Zaina curious. Spanking had been a common enough practice in her home country, but for some reason, she didn't imagine that Mr. Carter would be the type to do that.

When the two arrived home, they found their father sitting in a chair in the living room. He had a leather strap draped over the arm of the chair. "Explain yourself," he said coolly. Zaina noticed that he had said "yourself" rather than "yourselves". Clearly, she wasn't included.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" said Kenzie. "I just lost track of time." Her father raised an eyebrow. "I can smell the alcohol on you. Just how much have you had to drink?"

Truthfully, Kenzie hadn't drank much either. The reason the smell of alcohol was so strong is that she had accidentally spilled some on shirt. "Actually, it doesn't matter," said Mr. Carter. "The legal drinking age is twenty-one. Neither one of you should have been drinking. Both of you, go to your rooms. Now."

Zaina and Kenzie were in their respective bedrooms when Zaina heard footsteps in the hallway. She heard Mr. Carter entering Kenzie's room. There was apparently some sort of lecture but Zaina couldn't make out the words. What she could hear quite clearly though was the sound of leather striking flesh and the accompanying howls of pain from Kenzie.

A few minutes later, Mr. Carter entered Zaina's room. He was holding the strap down by his side. He began droning on and on about how disappointed he was, and how it was important that Zaina make better decisions in the future. After a while of this, Mr. Carter did something that Zaina definitely wasn't expecting. He started to leave.

"Wait… umm… Dad!" said Zaina. She was still getting used to calling him that. He turned back to look at her. "Yes?"

"I heard that you were using… that to punish Kenzie," said Zaina, pointing to the strap. Mr. Carter held it up. Zaina noticed that the strap was split down the middle. "Yes, this is a tawse. I know it probably sounded really terrible, but Kenzie is perfectly fine. It stings quite a bit but that's all. Sometimes she just needs a good butt warming."

"Yeah, it's just that I was drinking too," said Zaina. "Just a few sips but I knew it was wrong. I'm just wondering why you aren't punishing me the same way?"

"I wouldn't feel right using physical punishment on you," replied Mr. Carter. "You're adopted, and…" He stopped. He knew the words were a mistake as soon as he said them. "I didn't mean… You're my daughter too, but circumstances are a little different."

Zaina didn't know why she was feeling so emotional, but her eyes started to water. "If I'm your daughter too, then please don't treat me differently."

Mr. Carter frowned. "Are you saying you want me to spank you?" Zaina blushed. "Well, not really. I wouldn't say I want that, but I do think I should get the same punishment as Kenzie."

This time it was Mr. Carter's turn to blush. "This tawse doesn't do well over clothing. I spank Kenzie on her bare skin. But I think if you wear something really thin like pyjamas, then…"

"It should be the same as Kenzie," said Zaina with finality. "If she didn't get to wear pyjamas, then neither should I."

"Kenzie is used to having her underwear taken down by me," said Mr. Carter. "It will be really embarrassing for you, especially with how your culture cares so much about modesty."

"Modesty around strangers," said Kenzie. "You're my father though. I want to be treated the same." Mr. Carter sighed. "Alright then. If you want to be punished like Kenzie, then I can do that. Stand up."

Once Zaina was standing, Mr. Carter grabbed the waistband of her jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them, and then he lowered them down to her ankles. "Step out," he instructed.

Once her jeans were off, he slipped his thumbs underneath the wasitband of her panties. He paused for a moment to give Zaina one last chance to object. When she said nothing, he yanked her panties down too and had her step out of them.

He pointed to her bed. "I want you in the knee-chest position on your bed." Zaina was confused. "Knee chest?"

"Sorry, medical terminology," said Mr. Carter. "I want your knees and chest on the bed and your butt sticking up. Just get on all fours and then bend a little more until your chest is on the bed."

Once Zaina was in the position he described, she instantly began to regret it. She had no idea the position would be this embarrassing. She reached back between her legs and placed a hand over her genitals to give herself some degree of modesty.

"I need you to move your hand," said Mr. Carter. "I know it's probably embarrassing since you're not used to this the way Kenzie is. As a matter of safety though, I'm going to have to insist you move your hand."

Zaina reluctantly removed her hand. She reminded herself that this was her father now, and she had no reason to be embarrassed by a simple spanking from her father.

"Sorry about that," said Mr. Carter. "Kenzie is so used to this position that she thinks nothing of it. I can see why it would be more difficult for you."

"It's okay," said Zaina. "If this is how Kenzie is punished, then I can handle it."

"Tell me when you're ready for me to start," said Mr. Carter in a gentle tone. Zaina preferred to get this over with quickly. "I'm ready now, Daddy!"

The first lash came immediately. It surprised Zaina with how much it hurt. The subsequent lashes each made her cry out in pain. She began to cry from the intensity of the pain. It was only a surface-level sting though, and Zaina knew it wouldn't do her any real harm. After all, she now had a doctor for a father.

After what seemed like an eternity, the spanking finally came to an end. Mr. Carter pulled Zaina up. He knelt down and helped her put her underwear back on. She needed the help because her legs were wobbly.

"You took that spanking very well," said Mr. Carter. "I apologize for treating you differently when it came to this. From now on, I promise to treat you exactly like Kenzie, even if that means warming your bottom when you need it."

Zaina resumed her crying, but it wasn't due to the pain this time. "Thank you," she sobbed as Mr. Carter pulled her into a hug. The spanking had been more painful than she expected, but it was worth it to feel like a true part of the family.