Spanking Village

Agonizing Aphrodisiac

Lauren finished drying herself off after her shower. She knew she had to break up with her boyfriend. Gavin was a great guy, and he had been one of her best friends before they started dating. The problem was that it still felt like they were only good friends. Lauren had a high sex drive, and Gavin clearly didn’t. When she would become horny enough and beg him to do her, he would finally give in and have sex with her, but it was clear that his heart wasn’t in it.

Lauren had wondered if Gavin might secretly be gay. They were in college, but it was still a pretty traditional area, so it would make sense to want to get in a relationship just to pass as straight. Whatever the case, Lauren couldn’t go on in an almost sexless relationship. She decided to end things with Gavin that night.

Before that, she needed to get a ride from him back home. Gavin lived in a dorm on campus, but Lauren was a commuter student. She had just had field hockey practice and was pretty sweaty, so she decided to take a shower before going home. Now that she was done showering, it was time to get dressed. She realized that she hadn’t brought her bag into the bathroom with her. It was still in Gavin’s bedroom.

That wasn’t a big deal. Still naked, she exited the bathroom and grabbed her bag in Gavin’s bedroom. He was lying on his bed reading and barely looked up at her. The fact that she was standing there naked and he didn’t seem to care only cemented her resolve to break up with him later. She opened the bag and grabbed her panties. Before she could put them on though, she heard a startled gasp from Gavin.

“Your butt!” he cried. “What happened to it? Are you alright?” Lauren groaned. This was embarrassing. She had forgotten about that little problem. “I’m fine,” she said with a sigh. “It’s just a spanking I got recently. Nothing to worry about.”

“A spanking!” exclaimed Gavin incredulously. “You’re eighteen and you still get spankings?” Lauren turned around to face him so he would stop staring at her butt. “Yes, I do. I may be eighteen, but I still live with my parents, and they are paying for my tuition. As long as I’m still dependent on them, I have to put up with their rules, and also their punishments.”

“What I saw looked pretty intense,” said Gavin. “What did you get spanked with?"

"A hairbrush," Lauren replied. "My mom gets really intense with that thing." Suddenly, Lauren noticed something surprising. There was a bulge in Gavin's pants. "Umm… can I get another look at your butt?" asked Gavin.

"Sure thing," said Lauren, who was curious where this could be headed. Lauren walked closer to Gavin, turned around, and bent over. "Can I touch?" asked Gavin. "Go right ahead," said Lauren, thankful that Gavin couldn't see her smiling right then.

It was slightly painful when Gavin began groping her butt. Lauren felt it was worth it though, since this was the most attention Gavin had paid to her body in a long time. His hand wandered lower, and then it slipped between Lauren's legs. She gasped as she felt his finger entering her.

"Getting dressed can wait," said Gavin. "I need to fuck you right now! Doggy style so I can get a good view of your butt!"

Lauren didn't need to be told twice. She got on all fours on Gavin's bed. She heard him frantically undressing behind her. It wasn't long before she felt the tip of his penis begin to enter her. Before she knew it, the whole shaft was in. He began with slow thrusts but he quickly progressed to slamming her from behind. His hands groped her buttocks as he gave her the pounding of her life.

Later, Lauren was sitting in the passenger seat of Gavin's car as he was driving her home. She felt like she was floating after the amazing sex she had just experienced. This sudden change in Gavin's libido was seemingly spurred by him seeing evidence of a spanking on Lauren's butt. She decided not to break up with him, after all. There was still hope.

Lauren and Gavin had sex three times the following day. That had never happened before in their relationship. Eventually though, the bruises from the spanking began to fade, and so too did Gavin's interest in having sex with her.

Lauren simply could not let that stand. She knew what she had to do, but she wasn't looking forward to it.

When she arrived home after classes one day, her mother was folding laundry. Lauren casually dropped her bookbag inside the door and started to walk away. Her mother immediately glared at her. Pick that up! I am not your maid!"

Lauren took a deep breath. This was really going to suck but she had to do it for her relationship with Gavin. "Chill out," she said. "I'll get it later."

"Excuse me!?" Her mother was really angry now. "You pick it up!" said Lauren. "Or leave it there. I don't care. Just fuck off already and leave me alone!"

Her mother's glare could freeze the sun. "My room! Now!" Lauren started to walk, but she was apparently too slow. Her mother grabbed her by the neck and forcefully dragged her along.

Inside her mother's room was an armless wooden chair in the corner. Resting on top of the chair was a straight-backed wooden hairbrush. Her mother had shopped around for the perfect hairbrush, and her intended use for it definitely wasn't brushing hair.

She sat down in the chair and immediately began unbuttoning Lauren's jeans. Once she had unceremoniously yanked down Lauren's jeans and panties, she pulled the college freshman over her lap.

The hairbrush began its work immediately. There was no warm-up period. Her mother began smacking her hard with that hairbrush right out of the gate.

Lauren was starting to regret her plan right away. The pain was unbearable, and yet she knew from experience that her mother was only just getting started. 

When it got to be overwhelming, Lauren instinctively tried to reach back with her right hand and cover her butt. Her mom was ready. She grabbed Lauren's wrist and immediately pinned it to Lauren's back.

"Don't you DARE cover up during a spanking!" shouted her mother. The force of the smacks noticeably increased. Her mother's outrage was fueling her spanking arm. The muscles in Lauren's legs began trembling, but her mother relentlessly continued to smack her daughter's bare butt with the hairbrush.

Later that night, Lauren fell asleep facedown. She was bare below the waist because she didn't want any fabric touching her bruised butt. Despite the immense pain she was in, Lauren had a smile on her face. Once she showed her freshly spanked butt to Gavin, she would be in for earth-shattering orgasms. She couldn't wait.