Spanking Village

Classic Method

John Black was a well-respected man in his church. His father was the Pastor, and although he himself was not a part of any ministry, he had a good rapport with almost everyone. He was a construction worker by trade. His last job had ended. There were usually new jobs readily available but it was taking a surprisingly long time. Things were starting to get tight financially.

As luck would have it, his fortunes changed when other members of his church heard that he was looking for work. One of the members was a middle-aged woman named Linda Morton. She was the Headmistress of an all-girls religious high school that was affiliated with the church. The denomination was called "Warnerism", but John didn't really care much for denominational differences.

Mrs. Morton informed him that the school needed someone to fulfill a very niche position for the upcoming school year, and thought he might be a good fit. She couldn't reveal more information but asked him to come in for an interview and she would be able to share more details. John didn't like going in blind but he needed paying work, so he agreed.

He showed up for the interview the next morning and met with Mrs. Morton in her office. "The position I'm going to describe to you is a bit unusual," she said as a preface. "If you don't want any part of this, I won't blame you, but we really need someone before the school year starts."

She pointed to a portrait of a bearded man dressed in 19th Century clothing that hung above her desk. "That's a painting of Joseph Warner, founder of Warnerism," she explained. Our school was founded on the principles of Warnerist Christianity. These principles are baked into our charter and govern how we do things here. Even as time goes on and modern norms change, we remain tightly bound by Warnerist traditions."

"I'm familiar with Joseph Warner's teachings," said John. "I assume that students have to recite the Warnerist prayer here and aren't allowed to listen to secular music. Are those the sort of traditions you mean?"

Mrs. Norton nodded. "Yes, along with other things… Are you familiar with Joseph Warner's teachings on disciplining the youth?"

John knew where this was headed. "Yes, he advocated for spanking. I grew up going to a non-denominational Christian school that paddled students quite frequently. I got plenty of experience with it myself. If your concern is me objecting to corporal punishment, I can assure you that I support it."

Mrs. Morton nodded. "Yes, we do use spanking here, but not in the way you are used to. In fact, it's the precise method of spanking that makes it so difficult to find a suitable person to fill that role."

"So you're wanting to hire me to spank students?" asked John. "It's kind of an unpleasant thing to have to do, but I guess it's something I'm capable of. Despite my appearance, I'm actually a bit on the soft-hearted side. I can do what needs to be done though."

"Well, there are some important details that I should make clear right now," said Mrs. Morton.

"For one thing, we don't use paddles or really any tool at all," explained Mrs. Morton. "Joseph Warner wrote about using the hand to spank with, but he never mentioned anything else. Therefore, in recognition of this, we only spank by hand. Obviously, using one's bare hand tends to be a lot less effective than using a large paddle like is used in other Christian schools. That's why we need someone with enough physical strength to do an effective job. And you do have rather large hands."

John chuckled. "OK, that's a little unusual, but that's fine. It's actually probably safer than using a paddle."

"Exactly!" said Mrs. Morton. "These spankings are meant to be painful but only temporarily. The effects don't last for days like they would with a paddle."

"The uniform skirts look like they would absorb a good bit of it too," said John. This prompted an awkward look from Mrs. Morton. She chuckled nervously.

"That brings me to another requirement of Warnerist spankings. They are to be given on the bare bottom."

John actually was taken aback by this. "And the parents are OK with this?"

Mrs. Morton nodded. "It's how these girls are punished at home by their fathers."

"I guess that would be humbling," said John. "But shouldn't a female teacher be the one to do this?"

Mrs. Morton shook her head. "No, Joseph Warner was quite clear that disciplinary authority should be left to men. This job absolutely has to go to a man. This is how we have always done it."

John thought about these rules. It was all quite strange. Given how he was raised to behave around women, the idea of taking down a teen girl's panties and spanking her on the bare bottom with his hand seemed quite inappropriate to him. He needed employment though, and he was raised not to be judgmental of minor denominational differences like this.

"I'm sure you can see why good character matters for this," said Mrs. Morton. "The parents who send their daughters here are placing a lot of trust in us not to handle them inappropriately. Since you are well-respected among our church community for your integrity, you are an ideal pick for this role. And to further reassure parents, these spankings are witnessed by a female faculty member."

"What other responsibilities would I have?" asked John. "Surely spanking these students wouldn't be the only thing I do all day."

Mrs. Morton smiled. "That actually will keep you quite busy," she said. "Discipline here involves a verbal warning, a written warning, and a spanking. So if actual punishment becomes necessary, you will be the one to handle it. That's why it's important for the man in this role to be familiar with hard physical labor. But don't worry, it's never really all-day. A well-spanked girl isn't quick to need a repeat lesson. For the rest of your time, you don't really have any responsibilities except to rest your arm."

John was certainly no stranger to hard work. This job did sound interesting to him. He still wasn't sure though. "I'm glad you think my strength and character are suitable for this job," he said. "But I'm not entirely sure my heart is suitable. I don't really want a job where I have to hurt girls all day."

Mrs. Morton smiled. "Teen girls like to be dramatic, but it's fine. You are causing them temporary pain that goes away after a few minutes. But think of the good it does for them. It helps keep them on the right path. They may hate it at the time, but this is for their own good long-term. It would be neglectful of us not to discipline them."

John nodded. "You do have a point there. OK, I'll do it." Mrs. Morton beamed. "Excellent! I will setup an orientation meeting for early next week so we can go over school policies as well as things like compensation and benefits. Your official job title would be 'Dean of Discipline', and therefore your compensation would be at the level of Dean on the pay scale. I don't have the exact numbers at the moment, but I'm sure you will find it satisfactory. We're so fortunate to have you on board."

Several weeks later, Miss Roberts, the receptionist, was approached by a nervous senior girl named Mary. Miss Roberts was the youngest employee of the school, having only graduated from there herself just three years ago. She felt a special kinship with these girls, so she didn't like seeing them in trouble.

"I'm here for…" said Mary before trailing off. Miss Roberts nodded. "I think I know what you're here for. You were sent to Mr. Black, right?"

Mary nodded. "He should be free now," said Miss Roberts. "We can get you in and out quickly." She pressed the intercom button on her desk. "Hello, John. I have another student here to be… dealt with."

"Sure, bring here in," replied Mr. Black's voice from the intercom speaker.

"I will be the witness for this," Miss Roberts informed Mary. "Let's go in." She stood up and led Mary into Mr. Black's office. John was already sitting in an armless chair in the middle of the room. It was immediately obvious to Mary what the chair was for. It wasn't exactly comfortable office furniture."

Miss Roberts handed him the punishment slip that Mary had brought with her. John took it and read it. He frowned. "You were late to school for the third time this week. Do you have a reason?"

"I'm sorry, sir," said Mary. "I have just been hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock. I'm just so tired all the time."

John nodded. "That's the issue with your age group. Your bodies need plenty of sleep, but your minds don't always acknowledge that. It's a maturity issue, not a character issue. But that being said, it's important that we work on correcting this now before you go to college or get a job. Your professors or your boss won't be lenient with tardiness. In my former job as a construction worker, being late was a quick way to be fired. Do you understand?"

Mary nodded. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

John suppressed a laugh. They always promised it wouldn't happen again, but he knew better. Instead of saying that though, he said "I sure hope not."

"So you've been warned twice this week," he continued. "So now this time, I'm going to spank you. After your spanking, we will consider the matter resolved. Go ahead and get over my lap."

Mary nervously draped herself over John's lap. He flipped her skirt up to reveal plain white cotton panties. He wouldn't expect anything different at such a conservative school. He inserted his fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down from the back until they fell to her ankles.

Mary gave no hint of protest at this. It still amazed John just how well these girls accepted being spanked like this. Of course, from what he learned, it sounded like they were used to being spanked like this at home by their own fathers. He knew of a few who didn't have a living father, and who were spanked in this manner by another male relative such as an uncle.

Unlike other schools that used corporal punishment, this school's policies didn't specify a certain number of smacks. It was entirely at John's discretion. He didn't like to confine himself to a particular number. He just spanked until he decided an appropriate amount had been reached.

Mary wasn't being punished for deliberately sinful actions. She just needed a bit of a wake-up call. John used a cupped hand technique. It produced more sound, which was psychologically quite effective, albeit not as painful. Miss Roberts watched with a sympathetic expression.

The spanking itself probably lasted less than a minute. Afterwards, John pulled Mary's panties up and then helped her to her feet. Her eyes were watery but otherwise appeared fine. She looked down at her feet.

"Umm… sir. This is going to sound weird, but after my father spanks me, he always gives me a hug. So I was wondering…"

"Of course!" said John as he pulled Mary into a tight bear hug. "Try to do better at getting to school on time," he said to her softly. "I will," he said before heading back to class.

About thirty minutes later, Miss Roberts was back with another student. Her name was Ruth, and John had dealt with her twice before in the three weeks he had been employed at the school. She had a serious attitude problem.

John sighed as he read the punishment slip. "You threw a pen at another girl's head?" he asked incredulously. "What are you, five? I thought you were a senior, but this is childish behavior."

Ruth sighed loudly and shifted her weight onto one foot. It was obvious that she didn't care about anything John was saying. That was fine with John. If she didn't want to listen to his lecture, he had another way of communicating with her.

"Alright then," he said with finality. "There is no point in me continuing with a lecture that you aren't listening to anyway. I've spanked you twice already, and this is only the third week of the school year. I'm going to have to make sure this one really gets through to you. Get over my lap."

Surprisingly, Ruth pulled down her own panties and flipped her skirt up herself before draping herself over John's lap. One might think she was being extra cooperative, but John knew better. This was another display of her defiant attitude. She had deliberately flashed her bare front to make him uncomfortable, but that wasn't going to work on him.

Once she was over his lap, he examined her bare buttocks. There were faint marks from a recent spanking. John was pretty sure that hadn't been his doing, which meant that her father clearly wasn't slacking off in his duties either.

John flattened his hand and used a swiping technique to spank with. He found that spanking with an upwards swipe was more effective than a straight-on slap, and he certainly intended to be effective. He made sure this spanking was hard. His large calloused hand covered just about all the spankable area of her butt. As tough as she liked to act, he knew she was really feeling the pain.

She was weeping openly about a minute in, but John didn't ease up at all. He had gotten her crying this hard last time and ended the spanking then. He wouldn't make the same mistake this time. He continued spanking her relentlessly until she ditched every last vestige of her pride and began shamelessly begging him to stop and promising to be good. John smiled. This was certainly a good start.

When he eventually finished spanking her, she was a crying mess. She was clutching her butt. Unlike Mary, she didn't seem interested in being hugged. She just wanted to leave. John let her dry her eyes with tissues before letting her be on her way.

"Can you notify her father?" asked John to Miss Roberts. "She doesn't have a father," replied Miss Roberts. "He died years ago. She has an older brother though. He should be capable of disciplining her at home if needed."

Her attitude made more sense to John now. She was in need of strong male authority. He wanted to help her, and he knew it would likely take several more spankings to make any progress. That was what they were paying him for though.

As John began to settle into his new job, he began to appreciate this method of discipline more and more. Using a more classic method of spanking might not be as immediately effective as the paddles he was used to, but John found it was a more personal connection that allowed him to reach these students better on an emotional level.

He remained at this job for many years until he eventually retired after a long career of spanking bare bottoms. It was a good career.