Spanking Village

Convenient Surprise

Lord Hemsworth was in an irritable mood. Why now of all times did he have a bastard child sprung on him? Truth be told, she wasn't really a child any longer but a young woman in her late teens. Still though, he hadn't known about her until just yesterday. This was not going to work well for his public image.

Her name was Christina. He had been shown her passport photo, and she looked presentable enough. With the proper wardrobe, at least her mere appearance wouldn't bring shame upon his household.

The whelp's mother was dying, and she waited until now to let anyone know about the girl. Not only that, but when she couldn't get through Lord Hemsworth's staff, she went public with this information. He wanted to deny it but a paternity test had confirmed that she was indeed his daughter.

He decided he should at least meet with the girl, and figure out what to do. He knew he would need to take responsibility for her in some way in order to salvage his reputation. He had never wanted offspring, but it appeared he no longer had a choice in the matter.

He sent a car to pick the girl up and drive her to his home. When Christina entered, she was dressed much more smartly than she had been in her passport photo. It seemed she cleaned up quite nicely. Lord Hemsworth greeted her cordially. She was technically his daughter, but she might as well have been a stranger to him.

He sat down in his parlor and invited her to take a seat across from him. She looked at the chair with a bit of apprehension, and then reluctantly sat down. She winced as her butt came into contact with the chair. "Something wrong?" asked Lord Hemsworth.

"I got the cane in school today," she replied. She seemed to say the word "cane" a bit awkwardly, as if embarrassed. "The Headmaster got me real good too."

"Interesting," said Lord Hemsworth. She had his attention now. "So your school administers corporal punishment. What is that like?"

Christina's eyes grew wide as she began talking about it. She described the varying lengths of canes they used, what position was used, the number of strokes, and other miscellaneous details.

From what Lord Hemsworth could tell, the girl seemed… fascinated. This changed things for him quite significantly. He had a rather intense interest with corporal punishment. Some might say it was an obsession. That's how he could tell that she did as well. This might actually work out quite well for him indeed.

"Well I hope you don't object too strongly to that form of correction," said Lord Hemsworth. "I happen to be very supportive of the practice of stinging backsides to modify behavior." The look on Christina's eyes as she reacted to his words told him everything he needed to know.

He talked with her some more about her life, and then he got to the point. "I would like for you to come live with me," he said. "It will take a day or so to prepare a room for you, but I can assure you that you will have everything you could ever possibly want or need. Had I known I had a daughter, I would have found you a long time ago. But now that you're here, I want to give you a good home. What do you say to that?"

Christina's eyes beamed. "Yes! Thank you so much!". Lord Hemsworth grinned. He didn't exactly want her there but he had an ulterior motive for his offer, and it was time to make mention of it.

"Before you agree though, I need to warn you about something," said Lord Hemsworth. "Due to my place in society, I would have high expectations of you, and these expectations would be enforced with bare bottom spankings."

"Bare?" gasped Christina in a voice so low it was almost a whisper. She rubbed her thighs anxiously. Yes, she was definitely what Lord Hemsworth had suspected.

"Yes," he replied. "If need be, I will remove your undergarments and spank your bare bottom. In fact, I don't believe it needs to be for wrongdoing. I'm rather fond of the concept of 'maintenance spankings' as a motivator. If you decide to live with me, you can expect this to be a regular occurrence. But of course, that's only because it's essential for a Lord's daughter to be well-disciplined. It's the price that comes with privilege. Will this be a problem for you?"

Christina blushed. "Oh, no sir! If that's what you need to do, then I will accept it. I promise I won't complain. I just really want to live here!"

Lord Hemsworth smiled at her. She acted like the threat of spanking was something she would be willing to tolerate, but her body language made it clear she desperately wanted it. This was going to work out well.

Christina moved into Lord Hemsworth's house a few days later. It wasn't long before she found herself over his lap for a good bare bottom spanking. As time passed, Lord Hemsworth became more adventurous. He wanted to see how far he could go. He even instituted maintenance spankings.

She would make a show of pretending to hate these spankings, but it was quite clear to Lord Hemsworth's experienced eye that she craved it. That's why he found the idea of maintenance spankings so useful. It allowed spankings to happen with regularity while still allowing both of them to keep up the pretense that it was being done for a legitimate purpose.

Although she was not educated well enough to his liking, Lord Hemsworth realized that Christina was surprisingly smart. With the right tutors, she could actually make something of herself. Lord Hemsworth was able to provide that assistance. He soon became quite fond of her. Of course, that didn't diminish his appetite for spanking her in the least. The fact that she enjoyed being spanked allowed him to avoid feeling any guilt about it.

Two years had passed since she came to live with Lord Hemsworth. Her grades hadn't been good enough to get into college traditionally, so she was taking some time to study with private tutors before pursuing further education. Her lessons for the day had ended. Lord Hemsworth could hear the bathtub being filled in her bathroom. He knew what that meant. It would soon be time for her nightly maintenance spanking.

A few minutes after her bath ended, there was a knock on the door to Lord Hemsworth's study, where he spent a lot of his time. "Come in!" he called out. Christina opened the door and stepped inside. She was completely naked, as was the rule for her spankings. As her father, Lord Hemsworth had no interest in seeing her naked, but he found that adding a bit of humiliation into the mix made for a more intense experience.

"I'm here for my spanking," said a blushing Christina. She certainly was. Lord Hemsworth had made a schedule for these spankings so it wasn't the exact same every time.

"Today is Thursday, which means it will be the cane," said Lord Hemsworth. He watched her reactions carefully. She always pretended to hate being spanked, but there were subtle nuances to watch for that would tell him to what extent she preferred to go harder or lighter that day.

This time, she was a bit more on the anxious side so he decided to use the junior cane instead of the senior cane. He grabbed the junior cane from the wall, and he noticed Christina breathing a sigh of relief at his selection. There were days when she would be eager for a harder spanking but today was apparently not one of those days.

Lord Hemsworth swished the cane around in the air to hear that satisfying sound. "Assume the position," he commanded. "Yes, Sir," said Christina as she obediently turned around and bent over.

Lord Hemsworth was a man who cared a great deal about aesthetics and elegance. Spanking her partially clothed clashed with his aesthetic sense. However, spanking her fully nude just seemed more artistic. The picture seemed more complete that way.

Although a bit clumsy at first, Christina had become far more graceful over time. She raised her arms high above her head, and then gracefully bent over as if doing a swan dive, her hands coming to rest on her feet. It was all so elegant. Lord Hemsworth thought about painting a portrait of her in this position someday.

Her butt was also quite magnificent aesthetically. Its size and shape were perfect. Her pale skin contrasted quite nicely with the marks left by spanking. Although Lord Hemsworth used a variety of implements on her, he was particularly fond of canes for this reason. He thought of her butt as a canvas and the cane as a paintbrush.

He placed the cane across her butt and then delivered a stroke of moderate force. He watched her carefully. Her reaction to the first stroke would tell him how to adjust subsequent strokes. Her pain tolerance could vary day to day, and Lord Hemsworth had become good at reading that.

Her reaction was a little muted, so Lord Hemsworth knew he could cane her a bit harder. The idea was that the pain level should be challenging but not overwhelming.

After six strokes, he took a step back and examined her for a moment. The cane stripes weren't too bad, and she didn't seem to be struggling too much, so he gave her another six. At that point, it seemed like a good time to stop.

Lord Hemsworth lowered the cane. "I believe that will be sufficient for now," he said in a formal tone. Christina stood up and turned around to face him. "Thank you for disciplining me, Father," she said with a bow. Her eyes were a bit moist but she wasn't bawling.

Lord Hemsworth knew that she would be rubbing her butt as soon as she left his study, but she refrained from doing so immediately because Lord Hemsworth considered it a vulgar thing to do in his presence. "You accepted your discipline with the noble bearing befitting a lady of the Hemsworth House. You may be dismissed now."

After she left his office, Lord Hemsworth reflected on her time in his house. He found this continued facade of "discipline" to be rather amusing, but it served both of their interests, so he was content to continue. Tomorrow, she was scheduled for the martinet. That was always a delight. He was already looking forward to her next "maintenance spanking".