Spanking Village

Fatherly Duties

Trish was in trouble yet again. She had been caught shoplifting. It was a small family store, not a large corporate chain, so the owner was willing to be reasonable. Trish's mother had assured the owner that her teen daughter would be appropriately punished, and the owner had agreed not to call the police.

"You are in so much trouble!" said Trish's mom angrily. "Grounding you obviously doesn't work. Your behavior calls for something a lot more serious. You're getting a spanking when we get home!"

Trish had to force herself not to laugh. When she was little, the threat of a spanking would have been quite serious. But at her age now, the spankings she occasionally received from her mother were basically a joke. They barely stung.

Her mother seemed oblivious to this though. She believed that spanking her daughter was still a serious punishment, and was hesitant to do so. Trish much preferred this form of punishment over grounding, but her mother didn't know that.

Trish had an older brother named Caleb. He had moved away for college a few years ago, and was now about to start a family of his own. Their father had been the one to handle Caleb's discipline, while their mother handled Trish. They decided a long time ago that it should be the parent of the same sex who handled such delicate matters. It seemed that their father was much harsher on Caleb than their mother was on Trish, even though Trish had always been the one who got in lots of trouble. By contrast, Caleb was basically a model citizen.

When Trish got home, her mother grabbed her by the wrist and led her straight to her room. Her mother pulled the chair away from Trish's desk and sat down in it. Trish figured she might as well just go ahead and drape herself over her mother's lap.

"Not so fast!" said her mother sharply. "This calls for a serious spanking! Meaning it's going to be on your panties! I'm sorry to have to do this, but those jeans are coming down."

Her mother unbuttoned Trish's jeans and pulled them down. When Trish went over her lap, she gasped in shock. "You're wearing a thong!" she shouted. "This is totally unacceptable underwear! Well, it's bad news for you. This doesn't protect your butt at all so it will be like wearing no underwear at all. Your slutty underwear choice is going to cost your butt dearly!"

The spanking began right away. Her mother's hand began rapidly slapping Trish's basically bare buttocks. Trish howled in pain, but of course she was faking it. This spanking only stung a little bit, but Trish knew it was in her best interest to make it seem like it hurt a lot more.

Just then, her father walked in. Her mother immediately paused the spanking. Trish was used to her mother seeing her with her pants down, but she was mortified that her father was seeing her like this. "Umm… we're kind of busy here," said her mother. "Can you give Trish some privacy please?"

Her father scoffed. "Doesn't look like much of a spanking to me, especially not for what she did. But whatever… I'll let you get back to… whatever this is." He left and closed the door. He clearly didn't think Trish was disciplined harshly enough, but fortunately for Trish, her punishments were her mother's domain.

Her mother didn't resume the spanking. "I guess that's enough," she said instead. "I don't want to ever have to do this again. Please don't make me punish you this way anymore, please!"

Trish was allowed to stand up and pull her jeans back up. Her mother gave her a consoling hug and then left her alone. Trish grinned as soon as her mother had left. She had basically just gotten away with something else. The mild spanking she had received was nothing more than a mild inconvenience.

Trish spent the next few hours playing video games, but her gaming was suddenly interrupted by her bedroom door being flung open. Both of her parents were standing in the doorway. Her mother looked sad, but her father looked furious.

"Your mother and I had a serious talk about how you are disciplined," said her father. "Simply put, she agreed that she isn't able to give you the sort of discipline you need, and as a result your behavior has gotten progressively worse. That changes now. From now on, I will be the one to handle your spankings."

He was serious. Trish knew she had better stop getting in trouble. She resolved that she would make sure she stayed out of trouble from that point on, but her father seemed to know what she was thinking. "And don't think the mild butt massage you got from your mother is going to satisfy me when it comes to you shoplifting either! I'm going to give you a real spanking for that. Get up and come with me."

Trish stood up but she was apparently too slow to do so. Her father grabbed her left forearm and pulled her along forcefully. He took her to the toolshed in the backyard. This had been the place where Caleb had been punished on the rare occasion his behavior had required it. Trish was nervous but she tried to put on a brave face. Her bravery faltered a bit when she saw what her father was grabbing. Hanging on the wall by a nail was a scary leather strap.

Her father removed the strap from its resting place and then he looked right at Trish. “Take off your pants and underwear.”

Trish was stunned. She did not want her father to see her in such a state of undress. “But Mom always…”

“I don’t care how your mother used to spank you,” said her father. “When I give a spanking, it’s directly on the butt, not on your clothing. And when I tell you to do something, I expect to be obeyed immediately. Pants and underwear off right now!”

Trish grimaced as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She found she had to kick off her shoes to get them completely off though. She looked up at her father expectantly. “Underwear too!” he barked.

Trish turned around to show him her backside. “It’s a thong, Dad,” she whined. “It doesn’t cover anything.” Suddenly, her father grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to a chair. He sat down and flung Trish over his lap. She lifted her head enough that she could see him reaching for his workbench nearby and snatching a box cutter from it.

“What are you doing with that thing?” she asked, struggling to keep the fear out of her voice. “Just hold very still,” replied her father. She felt his fingers pulling the thin fabric of the thong from between her buttocks. She then heard the sound of fabric being cut, right before her panties were yanked off of her and thrown aside.

“I don’t care that your inappropriate underwear wasn’t covering your butt. When I tell you to take your underwear off, I expect to be obeyed. You do not argue with me! Ever!” He then began spanking her with his hand. This was noticeably more painful than the spankings she had received from her mother, and he had only just gotten started.

After a few minutes of hard painful slaps to her bare butt, Trish’s father stopped. “That was for disobeying when I told you to remove your underwear. Now I’m going to punish you for shoplifting. Get up.” Trish was all too happy to get off of his lap, even though she knew what was coming. She held her hands down in front of her pelvic region for modesty. Her father angrily grabbed her wrists and forced her hands down to her sides. “If you cover up again, I will spank you some more. This is a punishment. You don’t get to try to hide anything from me.”

Trish’s father wasn’t even looking at her pelvic region. He was looking at her eyes, but it was more of an issue of attitude to him, and she was in need of a serious attitude adjustment. He stood up and picked up the strap again. He pointed towards an object near the wall. It was a metal sawhorse with a blanket draped over it. He had already adjusted the height for Trish.

“Stand on the low bar on this side and bend over that sawhorse,” he commanded. She walked over to it surprisingly quickly. She was still trying to act brave, but she still wanted to avoid earning any more spanking by moving too slowly. She stepped onto the low bar and carefully bent at the waist over the blanket-covered beam at the top. There was another low bar on the other side. Her father pointed to it.

“Grab this bar with your hands. If either of your feet leave the bar that they are on, or if either of your hands lets go of the bar they are grabbing, you will get extra lashes. Do it more than once and we will repeat this spanking tomorrow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dad,” answered Trish. “Please no more though. I’ve learned my lesson!” In response to her pleading, her father placed a hand on her back and patted it reassuringly. “This isn’t entirely your fault,” he explained. “I should have insisted on disciplining you correctly much earlier on, and then maybe you would have turned out differently. It’s too late to change the past, but I can try to use what time we have left to shape you into a better person for the future. This is for your own good. Unfortunately, growing as a person can sometimes involve painful experiences like this. This is how I punished Caleb, and it was so effective that I rarely had to do it. If this helps you become the sort of person Caleb is, then you will thank me for this later.”

Trish seriously doubted that. She didn’t have time to argue though because the leather strap struck her butt hard. It felt like the strap had actual teeth and was biting into her skin. She yelped in pain. It wasn’t long before the strap struck her again. After a few more lashes, she instinctively bent her right knee and brought her foot up to cover her butt. Her father immediately grabbed her ankle and moved it back down. “You’re getting two extra lashes for that. Don’t do it again.”

Trish didn’t know how much he was planning to give her in the first place, but she made sure to avoid earning any more. He continued to spank her forcefully with the strap. After she had received twelve lashes total, he stopped. “I went easy on you this time because this is the first serious spanking you’ve ever had. If I have to spank you again, you can expect at least double what you just received.”

The change in attitude Trish had was immediate. Her behavior improved drastically after that spanking. True to his prediction, her father didn’t really have a need to spank her often. The fact that Trish knew that a spanking with that strap was an option was sufficient motivation to avoid getting in trouble. She ended up being spanked only once more by her father before eventually moving away for college.

Years later, when the family was gathered under one roof for Thanksgiving, she made another one of his predictions come true. After they had finished eating, her father went to the toolshed to work on something. He was surprised to see Trish join him. “Hey Trish, what’s up?” he asked.

“Just thinking about the last time I was here,” said Trish. “You really tore my butt up, and I know I deserved it.”

Her father sighed. “I wish I didn’t have to do that, but there is no arguing with the effectiveness of that sort of punishment. It definitely worked on you.”

“I know it did,” said Trish. “I never thanked you before, but I realize now what you did for me. So thank you, Dad.”

“Is something wrong, Trish?” asked her father, concern evident in his voice. Trish sighed. “Kind of. I haven’t been doing so well with my job, and I’m worried I might get fired. It’s been hard to stay on top of my responsibilities, and I had this crazy thought in my head about how you could maybe help me.”

“It’s not crazy,” said her father. “I think I know what you’re talking about. Your brother asked me for the same thing once. If that’s what you need, I can provide it for you.”

He walked over to where the strap still hung on the wall. He looked back at Trish. “Pants and underwear off,” he said in a surprisingly gentle tone.