Spanking Village


"Well now, it seems you girls have been fighting," said the stern-faced Principal of the Shepherd’s Rod Boarding School for Girls, Mr. Lockwood.

"But Grandpa, she started it!" protested Leah vehemently.

"Leah, dear…" said Mr. Lockwood. "When you’re at school, you should call me ‘Sir’."

"Yes, Grandpa… I mean… Sir."

"As for Alexa here supposedly starting the fight, that’s not what the security camera footage shows, unfortunately. The video I watched tells a different story. But I have no doubt that Alexa did something to provoke you. I know you would never do something like that unless she provoked you first."

"I didn’t do anything!" said Alexa.

"I don’t believe that!" spat Mr. Lockwood. "I’ve had you bent over for my cane more times than I can remember. And yet I’ve never once had to punish Leah. How do you explain that?"

"That’s easy," replied Alexa. "You’re showing favoritism because she’s your granddaughter, obviously."

"I’m tired of your disrespect!" said Mr. Lockwood. "I’m going to give you a thrashing you won’t soon forget!"

This declaration made Leah’s eyes fill with worry. "What about me?" she asked with a whimper.

Mr. Lockwood sighed. "I’m sorry, Leah, but fighting is a Class A offense. It’s a mandatory six strokes with the cane on the bare bottom. But don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you, and then we can go get some ice cream afterwards. Just six little taps and you’re done."

"Well OK…" said Leah uncertainly. "Do you promise it won’t hurt?"

Her grandfather smiled reassuringly. "Just a little sting. No big deal."

Alexa rolled her eyes. "You don’t play favorites, huh?"

Mr. Lockwood scoffed at that remark. "No, I most certainly do not. I have always shown you plenty of leniency. Maybe that’s why you’re in my office so often."

Alexa’s face showed her annoyance. "Last time I was in here, it was for being late to class. You were literally stepping into your swings and grunting from the exertion."

Mr. Lockwood chuckled. "That’s some imagination you have, but we don’t have time for your foolishness today. We need to get on with this punishment. I will cane both of you at the same time, and just alternate strokes between the two of you."

"Eww!" exclaimed Leah. "I don’t want the cane that’s been touching Alexa’s butt to touch my butt too!"

Mr. Lockwood nodded. "In that case, I will grab a separate cane to use for each of you." He walked to his cane rack on the wall and retrieved another cane. One was noticeably bigger than the other.

Alexa couldn’t help but laugh. "Wow, a junior cane and a senior cane. I bet I can guess which one is intended for me."

"Don’t be ridiculous," said Mr. Lockwood. "These two canes are perfectly identical. Maybe your eyes need to be checked for vision problems. These canes are also identical to the cane I mailed your parents."

"You did what?" asked a shocked Alexa. Mr. Lockwood grinned. "I told them all about the trouble you’ve been getting into here at our fine boarding school. I sent them a cane to help manage you better at home. And if the cane isn’t to their liking, maybe one of the other implements I sent them will be. I daresay your Summer break will be quite interesting. But that’s enough about how your bottom is going to feel this Summer. I’m more interested in how it’s going to feel in just a few minutes. Both of you, turn around!"

"Do I have to?" asked Leah.

"Yes, I’m afraid so," replied Mr. Lockwood. "This is the mandatory punishment for fighting. Regardless of who is at fault, both participants are always caned. Now then, please turn around, dear."

"OK…" sighed Leah as she turned around, facing the couch directly in front of them.

"Now both of you drop your panties to at least below your knees," instructed Mr. Lockwood.

Leah gasped. "But you’ll see my… That’s so embarrassing!"

"Oh, don’t be such a baby," said Alexa. "It’s really no big deal. He spanks multiple girls just about every single day. He’s probably seen my entire underwear collection by now. He sees more ass than a proctologist. But I guess if you’ve been spared any sort of punishment up until now, I can see how this would be a shock for you."

Alexa sighed. She was beginning to feel sorry for this girl. "Look, just don’t think about it and yank them down, like ripping off a bandage. I’ll go first." Alexa quickly dropped her panties to her ankles. "There! No big deal! Your turn now."

Leah sighed. "I guess I have to." She reluctantly pulled her panties down as well. "Thank you, Leah," said Mr. Lockwood. "I promise you can pull them back up just as soon as we’re done." He turned his attention to Alexa. "Now Alexa, since you’re very familiar with this process, show Leah the proper position to be in."

Alexa nodded and turned her head to look at Leah. "There are just a few simple rules. You need to flip up your skirt so that it’s on your back and not covering your butt." Alexa bent over and flipped her skirt up. She rested her forearms on the couch cushions. "Make sure your head is lower to the ground than your butt, and that your butt is further back than your feet."

"You can be given more strokes if you make a mistake," she continued. "But in your case, your grandfather will probably conveniently fail to notice. I know I won’t get any such leniency though, so I make sure to keep my butt sticking out as far as I can so that he can’t find any excuse to give me more strokes."

"Now, now, that’s not true," said Mr. Lockwood. "I intend to hold both of you to the same standards equally. Now Leah, please bend over like Alexa is doing."

"Yes, Gra… I mean, ‘Sir’," said Leah right before she bent over. "It’s hard for me to bend like Alexa is doing," she whined.

"That’s because you’re not used to it," said Mr. Lockwood. "You’re always so well-behaved that this hasn’t been needed in the past. Alexa is used to being in this position because she’s a very bad girl whose naughty bottom needs to be beaten regularly. Just do your best, Leah. That’s all I can ask of you."

"If she gets in trouble so much, then maybe you aren’t caning her hard enough," said Leah in a tone that conveyed pure malice. Alexa rolled her eyes. She had tried to be sympathetic towards her because it was her first time, and the spoiled brat was actually encouraging her grandfather to cane Alexa harder.

"Perhaps you’re right," said Mr. Lockwood. "Well let’s work on fixing that now. I’ll start with you, Alexa."

Alexa felt the senior cane pressed up against her bare buttocks. It was lifted away, and then after a long pause, she heard the cane swish through the air just before striking her butt. Although she was used to it, the pain was still out of this world. Alexa gritted her teeth. It took real effort to remember to keep her butt sticking out.

"Doesn’t feel too good, does it?" asked Mr. Lockwood rhetorically. "As much as I’ve beaten your bottom previously, I’m glad to see that it still gets your attention. Now it’s your turn, Leah. I’m going to give your bottom a little tap. It might sting a bit, but you’ll be fine."

Alexa heard him exchanging the senior cane for the junior cane. A moment later, she heard a faint sound followed by an exclamation from Leah. "Hey! That kind of stung." Mr. Lockwood sighed. "Yes, unfortunately, canes tend to do that, even when I’m using it lightly.

Alexa grew very angry and decided to be sarcastic. "Hey, do you think you can give my butt a nice little tap like that too? Remember not to make it hurt too much. I don’t want it to hurt, OK?"

"Certainly!" replied Mr. Lockwood. "Just need to take a few steps back first…" The stroke that landed on Alexa’s butt a few seconds later was certainly not light at all. "See? I’m not caning you any harder than I’m caning Leah. And now it’s time for Leah’s second stroke. Stay just like you are, Leah. Here comes another tap."

There was another light tap for Leah. "And back to you now, Alexa." Another breathtakingly painful stroke. "And another for you, Leah." Another tap. Leah stood up and rubbed her butt. Mr. Lockwood made a disgruntled noise. "Now Leah, you can’t just stand up during a caning, and you definitely can’t rub your butt."

"Can I rub just a little?" whined Leah. Mr. Lockwood sighed. "I’m about to give Alexa her fourth stroke, and I will need you back in position by the time it’s your turn or there will have to be consequences. You’re halfway done. I know you can hold out for the rest. Now then, stroke number four is coming for you, Alexa."

Alexa had let her anger distract her. The fourth stroke caught her by surprise. She instinctively moved her hips forward and clenched her buttocks. She was immediately horrified by the realization of the dire mistake she had made. She quickly thrust her butt back out, but it was too late.

Mr. Lockwood clicked his tongue in mock disapproval. Of course, Alexa knew he was actually delighted she had made a mistake. "Oh my!" he said. "This sort of disobedience simply will not do. You moved out of position, and there will have to be consequences for that."

"I moved my butt forward for like a second!" said Alexa. "Leah is STILL standing and rubbing her butt." Leah immediately bent over again. "No, I’m not!" said Leah. "She looks bent over to me," said Mr. Lockwood. "And we aren’t talking about Leah. We are talking about you. You chose to disobey, and you will be the one punished for it. It’s Leah’s turn now. Get ready, Leah. Just three more to go."

A tap for Leah. A hard stroke for Alexa. Another tap for Leah. Another hard stroke for Alexa. "Last one for you, Leah!" said Mr. Lockwood, right before he tapped Leah’s butt one final time.

"Alright, both of you stand up and face me. Leah, you can pull your underwear back up. Alexa, there's no point in you doing so." Alexa's hands flew to her butt as soon as she stood up. Mr. Lockwood hadn't forbidden her from rubbing. He noticed her rubbing but didn't say anything. Instead, he looked at Leah. "Sorry I had to do that, Leah. But now I will make it up to you with some ice cream. Take my keys and go wait in my car. I'll be there in a bit after I take care of some more business here."

He handed a ring of keys to Leah. "I hope they have mint chocolate chip!" she said excitedly as she left the office. Once she was gone, Mr. Lockwood turned back to Alexa. "And now we will deal with your extra punishment."

"I only moved for like a second!" complained Alexa. "And I corrected myself immediately. That's like one extra stroke, right?"

Mr. Lockwood smiled maliciously. "This is more than just a minor slip up. I have to look at this in the proper context. You have been repeatedly giving me an attitude this entire time. Your sarcastic remarks haven't gone unnoticed. When seen in this context, your little 'accident' doesn't seem so accidental. It seems to me like willful defiance of corporal punishment. That's quite a serious matter and worth more than just one stroke."

Alexa's heart was pounding. This sounded really bad. "I'm really sorry, Sir. I promise I will be nothing but nice to Leah from now on and I won't be disrespectful ever again."

He shook his head. "I would like to believe you, but it's easy to make such promises when you're trying to get out of a punishment. It's how you behave after you've been punished that will show how sincere you are."

Alexa rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. "Yeah, you're right. I'm not sincere, and I'm not going to beg anymore. Just do what you're going to do."

Mr. Lockwood chuckled. "That's what I thought." He flexed the senior cane in his hands. "Now, we have some more business to take care of. Turn around and bend over."