Spanking Village

Hot Seat

Mrs. Watson would have preferred to spend her Saturday at home, but she was being paid extra to supervise Saturday detention for the girls, and she could definitely use the extra money. She unlocked the door to the girls’ detention room to await the arrival of the students. Her colleague Mr. Brenner would be supervising the boys’ detention in another room.

She surveyed the array of special desks in this room. These desks were quite unique in that they inflicted pain on the person sitting in them. Corporal punishment was common in the district, but the school had decided to take things in an interesting new direction a few years ago. A girl who was about to be paddled fainted from fear. This incident prompted the administration to reevaluate their discipline policies. It was decided that although the faculty strongly supported the use of corporal punishment, they preferred to not have students terrified. They wanted it to be an effective deterrent without being traumatic.

In the end, a more gradual approach was decided on. These detention desks that they now employed would punish the buttocks of the students sitting in them gradually over time. The seats were made of a rubbery material. At periodic intervals, there would be a rapid change in the surface tension of the rubbery seat. This would result in a sensation on the student’s buttocks that was similar to being spanked. However, the pain produced wasn’t particularly harsh. What made this an effective punishment was that this pain was applied periodically over a lengthy amount of time, which made it suitable for use in detention, where students would be seated for hours on end anyway.

When the girls arrived for detention, Mrs. Watson noted there were only four of them. There were typically fewer girls than boys in detention, but four was still a pretty low number. That was fine with her. Lower numbers were easier to supervise. She instructed the girls to each pick a desk in the front row and get in. The desks had a front portion that had to be opened in order to sit down. The front was intended to preserve modesty. In order for these desks to work properly, the buttocks had to be bare.

Mrs. Watson watched to make sure they were actually baring their bottoms before sitting down. She then allowed them to close up the fronts of the desks. Once they were all secured in their desks, Mrs. Watson walked around to the back of each desk and pressed a button to activate the vacuum suction. This would cause the rubber seat to tighten around the skin. “It’s in my crack!” cried a girl. Mrs. Watson chuckled. It needed to be skin tight. She supposed that would be quite uncomfortable, but these girls weren’t here to be comfortable.

She then placed dictionaries along with pens and paper on each desk and instructed the girls to begin copying the dictionary word for word. She then activated the punishment cycle on the desks. There was nothing for the first few seconds, but then suddenly she heard some of the girls gasp from the sudden pain they had undoubtedly just felt. The pain wasn’t intense, but they were going to be here for a long time. Mrs. Watson liked this new system. They would be thoroughly punished by the end of their detention, but there wasn’t a sharp and sudden onset of pain. The gradualness of the punishment reduced some of the fear around it while still being something that students would strongly prefer to avoid.

Mrs. Watson read a book while the class did their writing assignments quietly, save for the periodic whimper or gasp. She noticed Charlotte trying to fidget in her seat. There wasn’t really anywhere for her to go, but Mrs. Watson knew she couldn’t allow that. “Please sit still, Charlotte. Your butt needs to remain firmly planted in your seat at all times so the punishment has its full effect. I’m sure you would hate to have to come back again next Saturday because you couldn’t sit still today.”

It wasn’t an idle threat either. However, she had another option at her disposal. For uncooperative students, she could give a more traditional spanking. Charlotte didn’t seem uncooperative though, just very uncomfortable. The senior girl apparently heeded the warning though because she immediately stopped squirming and focused on her writing again.

About halfway through detention, she saw Charlotte raise her hand. The girl had tears in her eyes. “Yes, Charlotte?” asked Mrs. Watson. “Ma’am, I can’t take any more of this!” she said. Mrs. Watson shook her head. “You’re going to have to. You’ve been assigned four hours, and that’s how long you’re going to sit here. I know it hurts but it’s supposed to. Just focus on your writing assignment.”

“Aren’t there any alternatives?” asked Charlotte. “This is really painful.” Mrs. Watson shrugged and walked to a cabinet in the corner of the room. She opened it and retrieved a scary-looking leather tawse. She showed it to Charlotte. “The alternative is that I spank you with this. I can assure you that this would be worse than what you’re feeling now. I strongly suggest you stick with the desk."

"Fine, I'll take that!" said Charlotte, pointing at the tawse. "Are you sure?" asked Mrs. Watson. "Once I turn off your desk, there's no going back."

"Yes, I'm sure!" cried Charlotte. Mrs. Watson sighed and shook her head. "OK," she said as she turned off the punishment cycle on Charlotte's desk. "There, it's off now. Continue working on your writing assignment, and then I'll spank you when detention is over."

She looked at the rest of the class. "Would anyone else prefer a spanking instead?" Nobody volunteered. Mrs. Watson couldn't imagine what Charlotte was thinking. The pain caused by the desks wasn't particularly harsh. And she had sat through about two hours of that, and it would all be in vain since she was opting for an alternative punishment now.

When detention finally came to an end, Mrs. Watson instructed everyone except Charlotte to leave. Once the other girls were gone, she opened Charlotte's desk. Charlotte reached for her panties but Mrs. Watson stopped her. "No need for that yet," she said. "I need to spank you first, and that's much easier to do without your panties on. Come over here and stand in front of my desk."

Once Charlotte was standing where instructed, Mrs. Watson examined her buttocks. Her skin didn't really show much evidence of recent punishment but it had stopped about two hours ago, so this wasn't particularly surprising.

"To be honest, I'm not really understanding your decision," said Mrs. Watson. "The pain caused by these desks really isn't meant to be severe. Can you help me understand why you would choose a spanking instead?"

"I'm not sure how to explain it," said Charlotte. "It's more mental than physical. You know how you might touch a certain texture or hear a certain word like "moist" or see one of those trypophobia-inducing images and it just feels wrong? It's like that. I'm used to being spanked by my parents. But there was just something about what the desk was doing that made me more uncomfortable than it should have."

"That makes sense," said Mrs. Watson. "The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on us sometimes. Fortunately, we have this tawse handy for when an alternative punishment is needed."

"How many am I going to get with that?" asked Charlotte. Truthfully, there really wasn't a set number. It was up to Mrs. Watson's discretion.

"You don't need to be concerned with that," replied Mrs. Watson. "I'll let you know when you're done. Now, I want you to bend over my desk and grab the far edge."

Charlotte leaned forward and grabbed the far edge. Mrs. Watson sighed and placed a hand on the girl's back, gently pushing her down. "I meant for you to bend at the waist, like a right angle. I know you know what that is."

Charlotte awkwardly bent over as she was told this time. "I feel so vulnerable like this," she said. Mrs. Watson chuckled. "That's kind of the idea. I need a nice tight bend so you really feel it. You're lucky I'm not making you touch your toes. Now then, I'm going to start. Stay still and it will be over soon."

Mrs. Watson struck Charlotte soundly across the buttocks. Charlotte yelped and lifted her legs up. Mrs. Watson forcefully pushed her legs back down. "Stay still," she commanded firmly. "There will be consequences if you don't obey."

She resumed spanking Charlotte with the tawse. After several more lashes, Charlotte sprang up and clutched her buttocks. "Move your hands and bend over now!" shouted Mrs. Watson.

"I'm sorry!" said Charlotte as she got back into position. "This is your final warning," said Mrs. Watson. "Don't you dare let this happen again. We aren't even halfway done."

The spanking resumed. Mrs. Watson sped up the pace, hoping to get it over with sooner so she wouldn't have to worry about Charlotte not cooperating. Keeping in mind the two hours of punishment the girl had endured already, Mrs. Watson had decided to give Charlotte twenty lashes total but had only gotten to sixteen when Charlotte jumped up again.

"That's it!" said Mrs. Watson. "I warned you there would be consequences." Charlotte immediately bent over again. "I'm really sorry! Please one more chance!"

"Get up," said Mrs. Watson. "We're done here for now. You can fix your clothing." Charlotte stood up and immediately pulled her panties and jeans up. When she turned around, she saw Mrs. Watson holding a piece of paper. It was a detention assignment form.

Charlotte's jaw dropped. "Are you serious?" Mrs. Watson nodded. "Yes, I am. I don't know what you expected. You didn't take the normal punishment, so I offered to spank you as an alternative. You clearly weren't cooperative with that either. So now we are going to try again next week. Next time, I suggest you stick with the usual punishment. See you next Saturday."

After Charlotte had left, Mrs. Watson called her home to inform her parents that an alternative punishment had been attempted, as per school policy. Charlotte's father answered. Mrs. Watson explained the day's events to him. He was not pleased.

"This tawse you used is kind of like a belt?" he asked. "I suppose so," replied Mrs. Watson. "They do seem comparable."

"If she takes a spanking from you after school sometime next week, can she forgo the Saturday detention?" asked Charlotte's father. "I need her home that day, so this is kind of an inconvenience."

"I'm willing to try that again," said Mrs. Watson. "But she couldn't take her spanking today, so I'm afraid it doesn't count. It would be a waste for her to try again only to have to stop partway through."

"Don't you worry about that," said Charlotte's father. "She's going to be getting the belt from me tonight, and some more tomorrow. I'll make damn sure that she gets enough practice taking a spanking properly. She won't be any trouble for you at all next time. Thank you for letting me know."

He hung up before Mrs. Watson could say anything else. She shrugged and set the phone down. She looked at Charlotte's initial detention form and was shocked to see what offense was listed. This girl had gotten her poor bottom into all sorts of trouble because she had been chewing gum. Mrs. Watson chuckled at the absurdity of it all. She hoped for Charlotte's sake that the gum had at least tasted good.