Spanking Village

Parental Privilege

Amanda sat on the bench along with her friends, Jasmine and Hannah. They had all been acting up in class, and now they were on the bench outside the Principal's office waiting to be dealt with. "It will probably be the usual choice," said Jasmine. "Saturday detention or paddling."

"So what will you choose?" asked Hannah. Jasmine looked down at her knees. "Well I'm wearing jeans, so I think I might just choose the paddling and get it over with. It's going to really suck but I should have pretty decent protection. You and Amanda are the ones who should really choose the Saturday detention though. Those thin shorts the two of you are wearing aren't going to be much protection at all."

Hannah sighed. "Yeah, I guess not. I've been paddled once before on jeans, and it hurt really bad. No way am I going to choose to get it with even less protection. What about you, Amanda? I suggest you don't choose the paddling when you're wearing that."

"It doesn't really matter what I wear," said Amanda. "It's not going to make any difference for me."

"Of course it will make a difference!" said Jasmine. "It hurts more over thin shorts than it does over jeans!"

"It's because Principal Ford is her dad," explained Hannah. "The last name isn't a coincidence. It doesn't matter what she wears because he's going to go easy on her either way. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get punished at all."

"That's not true," said Amanda but neither of her friends seemed to be listening because at that moment, the door to Principal Ford's office swung open. He peeked his head outside and motioned for Jasmine to enter. Jasmine's face grew noticeably paler as she followed him into his office. The door shut behind her.

There was a long period of silence from behind that door until the silence was suddenly broken by a loud pop. It was the sound of a large wooden paddle being slammed against a jeans-clad butt. Jasmine's cry of pain could also be heard quite clearly. Four more pops followed.

A minute later, Jasmine emerged. She had obviously been crying, but Principal Ford had clearly given her some time to regain her composure and use tissues to dry her eyes. Jasmine was rubbing her butt and walking rather unsteadily. She waved goodbye to her friends and headed back to class.

"Oh hell no!" said Hannah. "I'm choosing detention." Hannah was called in next. After a brief period of silence, she exited the office holding a detention slip in her hands, but she was smiling because she was spared the paddle over those thin shorts. She headed straight back to class as well.

It was Amanda's turn now. She followed her father into his office. "I'm tired of lectures," said her father. "You know what you did wrong, and you know the punishment for it. Your friends got the choice between Saturday detention or a paddling. As your father, I'm going to choose for you, and obviously I'm going to choose paddling. You are getting five swats. Assume the position."

Amanda nervously stepped behind the chair used for paddling. The student being paddled would have to bend over the back of it and grab the seat. Amanda started to bend over, but her father interrupted her. "Are you forgetting something?" he asked.

Amanda cringed at his question. She had hoped he would be the one to forget. When she had told her friends that it didn't matter what she wore, it wasn't because her father would go easy on her. It was exactly the opposite.

As Principal, Mr. Ford couldn't compel a student to disrobe for a paddling, but as Amanda's father, he certainly could. Amanda's heart pounded as she slipped her thumbs into her waistband and pulled both her shorts and panties down, exposing her bare buttocks.

"That's better," said her father as he placed the paddle against her butt as he prepared to start. "The penalty is five swats, but of course that doesn't count the extra reinforcement you will be getting at home."