Spanking Village

Public Paddling

It was Sam's first day at West Springs High School, and he had already made a new friend. His name was Eric, and they had P.E. class together. That's the class they were in now. After some vigorous exercise, Coach Adams had blown his whistle and told everyone to hit the showers.

Adam wasn't used to showering in front of others. He would have rather been anywhere else but in the locker room, stripping completely naked with a bunch of other guys. He didn't really have a choice in the matter though. He quickly stripped and got in the shower. There were semi-private stalls that came up to chest height, so he was grateful for that at least. Eric was in the stall beside him.

"Be very careful around Coach Adams," Eric had warned him. "He's a huge pervert who loves paddling students."

"What makes you think that?" asked Sam. Eric looked uncomfortable. "Well, for one, he literally admits that he enjoys it. Seriously, he will tell anyone that it's his favorite part of the job. He is weirdly open about this fetish. I think the only reason none of the other faculty say anything about it is because they probably think he’s joking. And unfortunately, he likes guys like you."

"Guys like me?" asked Sam. "What about me?" Eric grimaced. "He likes to pick on guys like you. You're scrawny but with a noticeable butt, clean cut, easily embarrassed… you're exactly the type he targets. So be extra careful not to give him any excuse. If you’re really unlucky, he likes to make it a public spectacle."

"Thanks for the warning," said Sam. "If I'm done showering, can I get dressed?” Eric shook his head. "No, you have to stay here until Coach tells you to come out.” It wasn’t long before Coach Adams entered the locker room. “Showers off!” he ordered loudly. He walked between the rows of shower stalls, looking into each one. Sam took this opportunity to dry himself with his towel.

When Coach Adams returned to the front of the locker room, he pointed at Sam. “New boy! What’s your name?” Sam’s chest froze. This was not the sort of attention he wanted. “Umm… Sam, Sir.”

“Come up here, Mr. Umm Sam!” said the Coach mockingly. Sam wrapped the towel around himself and stepped out of the stall. “Leave the towel!” shouted Coach Adams. Sam felt all eyes on him as he walked naked towards Coach Adams. He started making a detour towards his locker, but Coach Adams wasn’t having any of that. “I said come here!” he yelled.

Sam had no choice but to obey. He stood in front of Coach Adams and held his hands down in front of his penis. “Oh, no you don’t,” said Coach Adams. “Face the class and keep your hands behind your head! I will NOT have you playing with yourself in front of me!”

“I wasn’t–” Sam began to protest. “Quiet!” shouted Coach Adams. Sam sighed and turned to face the class. Being unable to cover himself made him feel especially vulnerable. Sam hadn’t been playing with his penis. He had just been trying to preserve some small amount of modesty. “Everyone else, come on out and get dressed,” said Coach Adams. “Just don’t leave yet.”

After a few minutes, the rest of the class was dressed, and they were all looking at Coach Adams and Sam, although it felt to Sam like all eyes were on him exclusively. “We have a discipline problem to take care of,” announced Coach Adams. “I want this to be an example to the class. When I was walking by the stalls, I noticed that Sam here had an erection! We take sexual misconduct VERY seriously here!”

“It was an accident!” said Sam. He had indeed had somewhat of an erection while in the shower but it was gone now. It was an involuntary response caused by him being unused to such public nudity. Besides, surely a problem like this was fairly common. Coach Adams walked around to stand in front of Sam but a little off to the side so the rest of the class could get a good view. Sam noticed he had a flashlight in his hand.

“I really hope you weren’t too busy being perverted that you failed to wash yourself properly,” said Coach Adams. “Personal hygiene is very important. We’re going to see if you did a good job. Lift your penis up so I can see the underside.”

“Please no, Sir!” cried Sam. “I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!” Coach Adams glared daggers at him. “I said lift your penis! I’m already going to paddle you into next week. Don’t make it worse on yourself by disobeying me.”

Sam decided to just get this over with. He grabbed his penis in his right hand and lifted. “I can’t see it if your hand is in the way!” said Coach Adams. “Use one finger to hold it up.” Sam complied. He placed his index finger near the top of his shaft, just under the head, and pressed his penis against his abdomen.

“I still can’t see it!” shouted another boy from class. “I think we need a microscope.” A bunch of other boys started laughing at that comment.

Coach Adams turned on the flashlight and pointed it at Sam’s testicles. “Why is your left ball hanging lower than your right?” he demanded. “I don’t know, Sir,” replied Sam. “It’s just always been like this.”

“Well this is clean at least,” remarked Coach Adams. “Pull back your foreskin now and show me the hole. I had better not see even a hint of semen residue or I swear your ass is going to pay for it.”

Sam blushed furiously as he gently grasped his foreskin between his thumb and index finger and slowly retracted it. Coach Adams pointed his flashlight directly at Sam’s penis. “Pay close attention, class! Sam isn’t circumcised, which means it’s extra important to clean the penis thoroughly.”

Suddenly, much to Sam’s horror, his penis began to stiffen. Coach Adams noticed immediately. “Why is your penis erect?” he demanded. “I don’t know, Sir!” said Sam, who was barely holding back tears at this point. “I’ve had it with your sexual misconduct,” yelled Coach Adams. “Believe me when I say that your ass is going to suffer for it! Turn around!”

Sam turned himself so that he was facing away from the coach. He was expecting his butt to be smacked at any second now, but that’s not what Coach Adams had in mind quite yet. “Spread your legs and bend over!” he ordered. Still expecting a spanking, Sam did as instructed. “Good,” said Coach Adams. “Now I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks apart. I’m going to check you out back here.”

Sam was horrified at what he was being told to do, but he obeyed anyway. He spread his cheeks apart and immediately felt the warm beam from the flashlight there. “Open wider!” shouted Coach Adams. Sam spread himself as wide as he could. He was startled by the feel of the warm beam of light right on his sphincter. He jumped up and turned around, prompting laughter from the class.

Sam was expecting the coach to be furious, but instead he appeared amused. “Oh, you’re just determined to get an ass beating,” he said with a smile. “Well alright then. We will get right to it.” Coach Adams pointed to a low bench. “Stand over that bench. I want a leg on each side. Face away from the class.”

As Sam walked over to the bench and stepped over it, Coach Adams disappeared into his office and quickly re-emerged holding the biggest paddle Sam had ever seen. He walked around behind Sam and tapped his butt with that intimidating piece of lumber. “Bend over and grab the bench!” he commanded sharply. Someone in the class whistled loudly as Sam was bending over. He really hated this school already.

“Now watch closely, class!” said Coach Adams. “When I paddle a boy, I like to make sure he feels it for a good long time. “The limit is three licks, but if you exercise as much as I do, you can make each lick really count.”

Without warning, Coach Adams swung the paddle with tremendous force. It crashed into Sam’s naked buttocks, sounding like a gunshot. Sam involuntarily let go of the bench and his feet came off the ground. He tumbled forwards and fell to the floor. His screams of pain echoed in the locker room.

Coach Adams sighed. “Get up and get dressed, Sam,” he muttered in a disappointed tone. “I’m required to end a paddling when an accident like this happens, but we are going straight to Principal Hornsby’s office as soon as you’re dressed, and I can guarantee that you aren’t going to like what happens.”

Sam didn’t care how much trouble he was in. That lick had really hurt, and he was relieved that he no longer had two more coming. He tried to ignore the jeers from the other students as he opened his locker and put his clothes on. Once he was dressed, Coach Adams dismissed the rest of the class. He then walked with Sam towards the Principal’s office. “Your butt is in for it now,” he had said to Sam as they were walking.

Principal Hornsby was an older stern-faced man who Sam could tell did not want to be bothered with any nonsense. “What do we have here?” asked the annoyed Principal. “This young man fell over while I was paddling him,” replied Coach Adams. “He let go of the bench that I told him to hold onto. I believe it was intentional so he could end his punishment after just one lick.” Mr. Hornsby looked straight at Sam. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“It was an accident!” said Sam. “I wasn’t expecting it to hurt so much. Besides, Coach Adams was doing some really inappropriate stuff to me.” Mr. Hornsby raised an eyebrow and looked at Coach Adams. “Could you please leave the room for a bit? I need to speak with Sam here in private.”

Sam expected Coach Adams to be nervous, but the man actually appeared amused. “Now tell me everything that happened,” said Mr. Hornsby once they were alone. Sam recounted the entire sequence of events in humiliating detail. When he was done, Mr. Hornsby looked even more irritated than he had been before.

“So let me get this straight,” he said with an icy glare. “Even though you were being sexually inappropriate by flashing your erect penis to an entire class of non-consenting students, you have the absolute gall to then accuse Coach Adams of perversion?”

“But he had me show him all my private areas!” said Sam. Mr. Hornsby nodded. “Yes, but did he ever once physically touch you?” Sam thought for a moment. He suddenly realized that Coach Adams hadn’t actually touched him at all, aside from briefly touching his butt with the paddle. Sam had lifted his own penis, retracted his own foreskin, and spread his own buttocks apart. He had been instructed to do these things by Coach Adams, but the man had never actually touched Sam personally. “No, Sir, he didn’t,” Sam finally had to admit.

“That’s what I thought,” said Mr. Hornsby. “If you are nude in the locker room for the purpose of showering, you can’t expect to not be seen. Coach Adams is allowed to monitor students in his class, even while they are in the shower. In fact, he’s expected to. If he wants to ensure you are actually washing yourself in the shower instead of goofing off, he is well within his rights to visually examine you. Had he actually touched you, that would be a different matter, but he didn’t, so you have no right to complain.”

Mr. Hornsby reached behind his desk and retrieved a paddle that looked similar to the one Coach Adams had. Sam trembled at the sight of it. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” said Mr. Hornsby. You are going to apologize to Coach Adams for your insulting accusations. Next gym class, you are going to apologize to the rest of your class for your sexual misconduct, which you should be grateful we aren’t going to expel you for. Furthermore, I am going to instruct Coach Adams that he should carry out your punishment next class period, and I will expect you to be fully cooperative with him.”

Mr. Hornsby stood up and held the paddle up in front of him. “Before any of that though, we need to take care of something else here in my office. Defying a teacher who is administering corporal punishment is a serious offense here. Since you couldn’t accept three licks from Coach Adams, you’ll now be receiving five licks from me.”

Sam groaned. He was hating this school more and more all the time.