Spanking Village

A Rare Condition

Melissa Cabrera's face was downcast as she walked through her front door. Her melancholy mood wasn't attributable to any specific event that had happened that day. She was a high school senior looking forward to graduating soon. She should have been in a generally upbeat mood, but her crippling depression made that impossible most of the time.

Her father was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV. As a college professor, his work schedule was atypical, and today was his day off. He immediately noticed Melissa's demeanor. He patted the space beside him on the couch.

"Hi, Melissa. Come sit with me for a moment before you go to your room. Let's talk."

Melissa didn't feel much like talking, but she sat next to her father anyway. He looked into her eyes. "It's been one of those really hard days, hasn't it?" he asked.

Melissa's eyes were watery as she nodded. Mr. Cabrera pulled her into a tight hug. He liked to think that helped, but prior history had shown that there was only one truly effective remedy.

He leaned back and gently lifted Melissa's chin with his hand. "I think you need a spanking," he said. Melissa nodded. "Yes, please," came her glum reply.

This was typically her mother's job, but since she was called into work, Melissa's father was happy to step in and do it himself. He pointed to the nearby coat closet. "Your mother got a new tool recently. We were planning on giving you a slower introduction, but I can tell that you need a good mood lifter now. It's hanging up in that closet. Go get it for me."

As Melissa stood up, her father delivered a firm slap to her jeans-covered backside. She gave no acknowledgement of the slap as she walked to the closet. After looking around for a moment, she turned around and held up a rattan cane. Her eyes were wide. "This is what you're going to use on me?" she asked.

Mr. Cabrera grinned as he nodded. "I sure am. It will sting like hell too. That's what's known as a 'senior cane'. It was designed to cause significant pain even through thick woolen trousers like they used to wear back in the old days. Of course, in your case, I think this should be used on bare skin. I'm going to have you bent over with that bare butt of yours sticking out so I can give it a good thrashing with this cane."

In a moment of amusement, he reflected on how this scene would look to an outside observer. Seeing someone in a depressed state like Melissa clearly was should have elicited a sympathetic response from her father, not threats to cruelly cane her. What others wouldn't understand though is that this was indeed a caring and sympathetic response on his part.

Depression may be a very common issue for many people, but Melissa's brain functioned a bit differently than most people's. Every medication they had tried either didn't work at all on her or caused severe side effects. Luckily, her father was a professor of neuroscience and was able to come to a better understanding of her unique neurology.

Something about the way her neurotransmitters worked was a bit off. Physical pain flooded her nervous system with seratonin and dopamine. This in itself wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that this was the only thing that had any sort of benefit for Melissa.

She had actually figured this out on some level before her parents did. She had begun cutting herself. When her parents found out, they were horrified and had considered having her committed for her own safety.

Mr. Cabrera realized what was happening in her brain and made the connection between physical pain and the relief she experienced as a result. He was an academic, and could articulate how this all worked quite well. Her mother, on the other hand, wasn't an academic. However, before her current career as a project manager, she was a dominatrix in her early twenties.

What Melissa's father understood on an academic level, her mother understood instinctually from experience. Upon hearing this explanation about neurology, she calmly grabbed a hairbrush, pulled Melissa over her lap, and proceeded to wallop her butt fiercely with it.

Melissa's parents didn't believe in corporal punishment, so that had been her first ever experience with spanking. Her reaction came as a surprise to her father, but not her mother. Melissa had been brought to tears by the pain, but was actually smiling when she was pulled off her mother's lap.

From that point onward, they had found a treatment that was actually effective. Although it had been many years since her days as a dominatrix, her mother was still an expert when it came to ass beating. Her father had no experience of the sort, but he learned quickly so he could be there for Melissa when she needed it.

"Why don't you go take a bath?" he suggested, his mind returning to the present. "Soak your butt for a while. Your mother tells me that this will increase the sting. Come get me when you're ready and I will give you a good caning."

Melissa smiled weakly as she handed the cane to her father and took off towards the bathroom. The truth was that her dad really wasn't looking forward to beating his daughter so harshly. He had sent her away for a bath to buy him time, hoping the problem would go away, but he knew it wouldn't. She was eighteen, and now had adult responsibilities. Being in a state of crippling depression made it hard for her to do anything on her own. She certainly wouldn't make it through college without the sort of intervention her parents were giving her.

After about thirty minutes, Melissa returned to the living room. She was stark naked, but didn't seem to care. "Umm… Melissa, it's only your butt that I'm going to be caning. You can at least put a shirt on."

Melissa shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. It was more convenient to just come straight here after I got out of the tub."

Her dad chuckled to himself. Melissa didn't really feel any sense of shame when she was like this. He knew that once her mood improved, this would change and she would feel embarrassed at how much skin she was exposing. He didn't mind either way. If she wasn't concerned about modesty, then he wasn't going to press the issue. It's not like he hadn't seen everything before. At her worst stages of depression, both parents had to help her change clothes and bathe.

Mr. Cabrera patted his lap. "That's fine with me. Come on over my lap.” He preferred to begin every spanking by using his hand as a warm up. According to his wife, a good warm up allowed the recipient to safely endure heavier doses of pain later, and a heavy dose was just what Melissa needed right then.

Once Melissa was over his lap, her father examined the pale unblemished buttocks right below his eyes. He couldn’t find evidence of the last spanking she had received, meaning it had been too long. He felt a bit guilty about that. Both he and his wife were so often occupied with work. Perhaps if he had made time to spank Melissa on a more regular basis, she wouldn’t be so down right then. He decided that he would take steps to correct that right now.

He gave her butt a good solid slap with a moderate bit of force. It wasn’t too hard. There would be time for that after she was warmed up. He fell into a steady rhythm of slaps to her buttocks. After a few minutes of hand spanking, he ceased the spanking and began rubbing her buttocks instead. The purpose of this rubbing wasn’t to alleviate pain, but rather to prevent numbness from setting in. Her butt needed enough sensitivity to feel the full effect of the cane.

After a brief but vigorous rubdown, Mr. Cabrera could tell it was time to move on to the cane. He would have preferred to just continue using his hand, but he knew that Melissa needed something much more intense. He patted her butt. “OK, warm up is over. Let’s get you up.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and helped her to her feet. “How does your butt feel?” he asked. Melissa reached back and placed her hands on her buttocks. “Feels pretty tingly.”

Mr. Cabrera smiled faintly. “Do you think you would still benefit from the cane?” Melissa nodded. “OK then,” said Mr. Cabrera as he pointed to a spot nearby. “Walk over there and bend over all the way. Try to touch the floor.” Melissa wordlessly did as he instructed. He noted how gracefully she bent over and what a good target her butt made sticking out like that. She would definitely feel the sting in this position. Mr. Cabrera walked over to her, snatching the cane from the coffee table on his way to her. He took up his stance near her and carefully lined the cane up horizontally across her buttocks. His goal was for the strokes to land progressively lower until the final stroke landed on the crease where her buttocks met her thighs, which would be the most painful stroke.

Mr. Cabrera drew the cane back. When he was confident in his aim, he whipped the cane forward. It seemed to whistle as it sliced the air until it sunk into the flesh of her naked buttocks. “That’s it?” asked Melissa. “That– Oh! Oww!!!” Mr. Cabrera chuckled. His wife had warned him that the full extent of the pain wouldn’t be immediately felt at the moment of impact. It would take time to build up. Mr. Cabrera watched Melissa’s body language closely, and when it seemed that the pain was at its peak, he delivered another stroke, which landed just below the first stroke.

Mr. Cabrera continued this pattern. When the pain from one stroke peaked, he would deliver the next stroke a bit lower. As planned, the last stroke landed on the lowest part of her buttocks. The scream of pain that came out of Melissa’s mouth for that one was ear-splitting. At one time, Mr. Cabrera would have been unable to continue after hearing how much pain his daughter was in, but he understood now that this was what she desperately needed.

He set the cane down and cupped Melissa’s buttocks with his hand. He began gently massaging her well-thrashed butt. “Was that intense enough?” he asked.

“Yes!” said Melissa in between deep breaths. “I’ve never felt anything like that before. I can already feel it helping me.”

“That’s good,” said her father. “I’m glad it seems to be effective. I think you need something extra on top though, just to be extra thorough.” He ran his finger along one of the stripes on her butt. “You have six stripes back here. They’re pretty close together. Bruising is pretty normal, but I know you don’t bruise easily at all. So what I’m going to do is use the paddle on you. It covers pretty much all of the spankable area of your butt, so each swat is going to hit all six of these stripes, and it will reignite the pain in all of them with each and every swat. I’ll make sure you have a decent amount of bruising, so you get a little bit of a boost every time you sit down for the next few days.”

“Thank you, Dad,” said Melissa. “Can I stand up and stretch for a minute first though? Bending over like this is rough on my back.”

“Sure you can,” replied Mr. Cabrera. “I can’t safely paddle you without some sort of support anyway. I don’t want to knock you across the room.”

As Melissa stretched, her father returned the cane to the coat closet and retrieved a large wooden paddle from it. It was the sort that would have been a common sight in the high schools that still use corporal punishment. It was about 20 inches long, 3 inches wide, and a half inch thick. Unlike many similar paddles, this one notably lacked holes. Bruising was a desired result, but blistering was not. Unlike school paddles, this one was intended for use on bare skin, so Melissa’s parents had to be mindful of such things.

When Mr. Cabrera looked at Melissa again, she had her arms folded in front of her breasts and her legs were pressed tightly together. He found this amusing. When her mental state was at a low point, she wouldn’t be bothered in the least by nudity. The fact that she was showing signs of embarrassment now meant the spanking was working.

Their living room had a rather long storage bench that was perfect for paddling. Mr. Cabrera lifted up the paddle to point at it. “You know the position,” he said with a smile. She returned a weak smile and then shuffled over to it. Even though she craved the benefits of spanking, it still made her understandably nervous. The benefits were real, but so was the pain.

Melissa stepped over the bench so that her legs were straddling it on each side. She then bent over at the waist until her chest was touching the bench and her head was hanging off the end. She wrapped her arms tightly around the bench and clung on to the bottom. This presented her butt as a good target, but it also stabilized her so she wouldn’t be knocked over by the paddle.

Mr. Cabrera delivered the paddle swats with a great deal of force. This was another implement intended to be used over clothing, but was even more effective on bare skin. Melissa’s mother almost never used a paddle of this size because she lacked the sort of upper body strength that Mr. Cabrera had. It was certainly painful enough with only moderate force, but the real benefit of a paddle like this was the lasting effects that continued for days afterward. For that to happen, it needed to be used with enough force to do a good job flattening those cheeks.

Melissa’s screams didn’t deter Mr. Cabrera from putting some muscle behind his swings. With the paddle, numbness was a real issue, so he waited plenty of time between swats and rubbed Melissa’s butt with the paddle while waiting. He gave her six swats. With the condition it left her butt in, Mr. Cabrera knew it was a good stopping point. He set the paddle down and helped Melissa to her feet.

Melissa wiped her tears on her arm and managed to crack a smile at her father. “I feel so much better,” she said. “Well, at least I feel better mentally. I can’t say my butt feels better.” She laughed. So did her father.

“That’s your curse,” he said. “Either your brain feels good or your butt does. Apparently, you can’t have both at the same time.” They both laughed some more at that. While they were laughing, Melissa’s mother walked in through the front door. She took one look at the scene and smiled.

“I was wondering when the next spanking would be needed,” she said. “Let me see the damage.” Melissa turned around to face away from her mother. Mrs. Cabrera whistled appreciatively. “Your father sure did a good job on your butt. Do you think you’ve had enough?”

“Yes!” came Melissa’s immediate and emphatic reply. “I have definitely had enough. I feel totally fine now! Really!” Both of her parents laughed at that. Mr. Cabrera looked at his wife. “You can rub some capsaicin on her butt though.” Mrs. Cabrera smiled warmly at Melissa. “Of course! Let’s go take care of that now.”