Spanking Village

Family Business

Chapter 1

Amy's dad was being unusually quiet. She was home from college for the Summer, and she had expected her dad to be a little more enthusiastic about her being home. Finally, she had enough of the awkward silence as the two sat next to each other on the living room couch.

"OK, Dad, what's going on? You're acting weird."

Mike sighed. He looked like he was trying to speak but just couldn't find the right words. Finally, he gave up on trying to talk. Instead, he reached for the laptop on the coffee table.

He opened up the laptop, clicked around a bit and then showed the laptop screen to Amy. Her chest tightened at what she saw.

It was her OnlyFans account. There she was, stark naked. She was on all fours with her head down and butt up. She was reaching back and using her hands to spread her buttocks apart wide.

"Is this what you're showing to complete strangers?" asked her dad as he blindly reached over the laptop and tapped the screen with a finger. Amy noticed that his finger was tapping her on-screen butthole. She cringed at the awkwardness of the situation. She glanced around the screen and realized something even more disturbing.

"Why are you subscribed?" she asked, horrified at the very thought.

"I didn't know it was you when I subscribed," replied her dad. "Obviously, I'm going to unsubscribe now that I know, but that's besides the point. I'm paying for you to go to college and get a good education so you can make a decent living for yourself. You have a bright future ahead of you, so why are you ruining your reputation like this?"

The fact that he didn't know it was her at first was actually very plausible. Amy had started out being careful not to show her face. It took a while for her to work up the courage to show her face on camera.

"Do I really have a bright future?" she asked. "I know money has been tight lately. You've been paying for my college so far, but I know you're struggling."

"You let me worry about that!" said her dad. "If you have concerns, you should come to me, not go online and show the world your genitals. I know things have been rough ever since your mother and I divorced but we tried to raise you right. I don't know where you got the idea that this is an acceptable thing to do."

"I got the idea from you, Dad" said Amy. "Yeah, I've heard about your previous porn career. Someone at college recognized you. So you're in no position to lecture me."

Her dad's face went pale. "That was different," he protested. "It's not anything like what you're doing."

"How is it different?" asked Amy. "You have such a problem with me taking my clothes off in front of a camera in the privacy of my dorm room, yet you had no problem doing that in a fucking porn studio!"

Her dad sighed. "That's not how it was. It was a fetish thing, not overtly sexual. Maybe it's better if I just show you."

Amy made a disgusted face. "Eww! No! I don't want to see you naked!"

"And I really didn't want to see you naked," said her dad. "But that's not what this is. I promise."

He took the laptop back and clicked around some more before setting it on the coffee table where they could both watch.

It was a somewhat grainy video of her father, who looked noticeably younger. Amy estimated this to have been about six years ago. He was sitting behind a desk in what looked to be an office.

There was a knock on the door, although the video's bad sound quality made it hard to discern. "Come in," said this younger version of her father.

A blonde woman in her late thirties or early forties walked in. She was dressed like a Catholic school girl. Amy couldn't help but laugh.

"Is someone that old seriously trying to play a high schooler?"

"There isn't exactly a big supply or actresses for these kind of videos," her dad replied. "We had to take what we could get."

There was some conversation in the video. Apparently, this grown woman pretending to be a schoolgirl was in trouble. Her father offered her a choice between detention or corporal punishment. Amy's ears perked up at that. So it was THAT kind of video.

After some more back and forth dialogue with some bad acting on the woman's part, she finally chose corporal punishment. Soon after, she was bent over the desk while her father gave her ten good swats over her skirt with a wooden paddle. Soon after, the video came to an end.

Amy burst out laughing. "That really sucked, Dad. Her acting was terrible. And that was supposed to be a spanking? You were clearly pulling back right before impact. You couldn't have been hitting her very hard."

"That was a pretty good sized paddle," said her dad. "It would hurt a lot if I were to swing it for real. Not every actress can handle that. Like I said, we were a small studio and had to take what we could get. This was not a successful business venture. And somehow I doubt that your OnlyFans is very successful either."

Amy sighed. "No, it hasn't been. The stuff I've uploaded is too tame to stand out. But apparently even fetish content can do poorly if it's as bad as that video."

A thought suddenly occurred to Amy. "That video is probably around six years old. I can tell because of that bandage on your left thumb from when you cut yourself working on the house."

Her dad nodded. "That's right," he replied. "Is that important?"

"That's right around the time you decided to stop spanking me," replied Amy. "You said it's because I was getting too old for that, but now I'm thinking that wasn't the real reason. The real reason is that you started making spanking porn, and the thought of continuing to do that to me was too disturbing for you."

"That's exactly the reason," said her dad. "I hadn't really intended to make that a job. This was around the time I had been laid off from my mechanic job. I was approached about this opportunity by a former co-worker. I needed money so I gave it a try. Afterwards, the idea of spanking you again seemed really inappropriate, so I stopped."

Amy smiled. "So it was all about money for you too? Well, if you're absolutely certain we don't need any help, I can shut down my OnlyFans account. Just so you know though, fetish content like this makes a lot of money if the production is of somewhat decent quality. If you ever wanted to try that again, I could give you some tips on how to make something that isn't pure garbage."

"It's not like I can," said her dad. "The studio I worked for went out of business. They were charging $40 a month for subscriptions, but there weren't a lot of people willing to pay that, especially not with so much free content out there."

Amy chuckled. "You have to have a personal flair," she said. "That's OnlyFans 101. You need a compelling story or personal connection. It's like Patreon that way. Also, $40 is way too much. The average consumer is going to have multiple subscriptions, so $5 a month is a lot more reasonable."

"Is that enough revenue to run a studio though?" asked her dad. "Not to mention enough to hire actresses who are willing to be spanked on camera."

"The idea of a 'studio' is so outdated," said Amy. "As long as you have a good 4K camera and know how to use video production software on a Mac, that's all you really need. But yeah, having to hire someone else would cut into the profits. You may just want to stick to one partner and split things 50/50."

"Wouldn't the same actress being spanked in every single video get old after a bit?" asked her dad.

Amy shrugged. "This spanking fetish stuff is your area of expertise, not mine. I would imagine so, but I guess that's where the compelling story comes in. If there is some ongoing narrative, then this could actually be a good thing for keeping subscribers interested."

"That's a good point," said her dad. Suddenly, he paused and visibly shook himself. "Wait a minute! I don't know why I'm talking about porn business strategies with you! I want you to deactivate your account right now, and then go to your room. You're grounded until I say otherwise."

"Grounded?" asked Amy in disbelief. "I'm an adult now!"

"An adult who I am still supporting," said her dad. "So yes, you're grounded." He suddenly flashed a brief smile. "And besides, it's not like I can spank you, for obvious reasons."