Spanking Village

A Spanking Carol

Chapter 1

Alice Sinclair smiled as she walked through the doors of Hardwood High School. At 32, she was the youngest Principal in the county, but she had proven to be effective thus far. Having the Mayor as her uncle certainly helped her career, but she had pursued the goal of becoming Principal with a single-minded determination for one reason above all others. At Hardwood High School, the Principal was the one person authorized to use corporal punishment.

She knew her obsession with paddling butts wasn’t exactly altruistic, but she enjoyed it too much to take it easy. She knew today would be another great day, but there was no way it could top the previous day. The entire volleyball team had been sent to her. Although her arm had become tired from paddling all of those butts, it had been one of the best days of her career. She hoped today would bring just as much good fortune.

As she approached her office, she noticed a boy seated on the bench outside. This is where students who were sent to her for disciplinary matters waited until they were called in. She recognized the boy. His name was William. He was a bit on the small side. He was wearing a multi-colored hoodie. “Hello, William,” she said with a smile. “How is your day going so far?”

“Not very good,” replied William dejectedly. Alice nodded understandingly. “I suppose not if you’re waiting out here by my office.” She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I know you cry easily, so I will have plenty of tissues ready for you.” She made her response sound sympathetic, although she knew it would be received as menacing.

She walked in through the door next to the bench. It led to the receptionist office, which was located directly between her office and the hallway. Nadia was her receptionist. This was her first professional job. She had been a student at this school the year prior. Alice was proud of her. She was mature for her age and handled her work with true professionalism.

“Good morning, Nadia,” said Alice. “Happy Wednesday!” said Nadia. “I guess you saw William waiting outside.” Alice nodded. “I sure did. I’ll let you know when to send him in. Any messages for me?”

Nadia nodded. “Yes, one of our students, Josh Hawkins, had his parents sign a corporal punishment opt-out form.” She handed the signed form to Alice, who looked it over.

“Did you check to make sure the parent signature wasn’t forged?” she asked. “I sure did,” replied Nadia. “That’s definitely his mom’s signature. I compared it to his enrollment paperwork.”

Alice chuckled as she read the opt-out form. It stated quite clearly that corporal punishment was not to be used on this student under any circumstances. It was as clear as could be. Alice put the form through the shredder beside Nadia’s desk, prompting a laugh from Nadia.

The district made these forms available for parents, but legally speaking, Alice technically wasn’t under any obligation to comply with these forms. “Should I inform Josh or his mother that we will be ignoring this form?” asked Nadia.

Alice shook her head. “No, don’t say anything about it. Let him think his butt is untouchable. It will be a much bigger shock the next time he gets in trouble.”

“Oh, you also got another parent complaint,” said Nadia. Alice’s eyes lit up. She liked hearing these complaints. “It’s from Jason Lieber’s mother,” Nadia continued. “She said she supports corporal punishment, but think you’re too quick to resort to it.”

“Well maybe if she would spank her son properly at home, I wouldn’t have to,” said Alice. “Some parents are so lazy that they want the school to spank their kids for them, but then they still complain about it.”

“That’s true,” said Nadia. “Good discipline starts at home.” Alice was impressed with Nadia’s mature outlook. “So what do you think about the way I punish students here?” asked Alice.

“Well, when I was a student here, that was definitely something I wanted to avoid,” replied Nadia. “But now that I work for the school, I can see how it’s beneficial for maintaining discipline.”

“Did I ever paddle you when you were a student?” asked Alice. “I don’t recall, but I became Headmistress last year, when you were a senior here.”

Nadia chuckled. “You did once. After that, I was determined to make sure it only ever happened once. My mom had actually planned to spank me again when I got home. Once she pulled down my panties and saw what a good job you did, she postponed my spanking for a week. But my butt is safe now. I admit I actually used to flinch a lot when witnessing you paddle students, but I’m actually starting to enjoy the show a bit now.”

“I would say you enjoy it a lot more when it’s not your own butt being paddled,” said Alice. “I still don’t remember paddling you though. What was that like for you?”

Nadia smiled. “Well to be honest, growing up with lots of spankings at home, I wasn’t too worried about how much it would hurt. I was actually more worried about how embarrassing it would be for me to have to pull down my panties. I’m kind of a modest person. But that first swat made me forget all about modesty. It was so much more painful than I was expecting it to be.”

Alice was flattered. “How many swats did I give you?”

“You gave me six,” replied Nadia. “I remember each and every one vividly.”

“I’m glad I made such an impression,” said Alice. “Speaking of which, I should be attending to William soon. I’ll page you from my office in just a bit.”

“OK, talk to you later,” said Nadia. Alice opened the door to her actual office and headed for her desk. The day was about to become interesting.