Spanking Village

Short Stories

Title Summary Word Count Date
A Rare ConditionMelissa's crippling depression has a very unusual treatment.2,61205/22/2022
Brotherly LoveA boy demonstrates to his twin brother just how deeply he cares.72005/22/2022
The CP ClubA coach uses social manipulation to entertain himself.1,28105/22/2022
FavoritismWhen Alexa fights with the Principal's granddaughter, both must be punished, albeit unequally.2,09305/22/2022
Fatherly DutiesWhen Trish's mother is unwilling to discipline her effectively, her father steps in.2,16405/22/2022
Parental PrivilegeBeing paddled by the Principal is awful, but it's even worse when the Principal is your father.68905/22/2022
Adult AdoptionA war refugee finds a loving home... and a spanking.1,88305/22/2022
Convenient SurpriseA rich man discovers that his long-lost daughter may be more useful to him than he originally thought.1,78405/22/2022
The Punishment HackerA tech-savvy teen turns school paddlings into a lucrative opportunity.1,27605/22/2022
Public PaddlingThe new student becomes prey for a sadistic coach.2,17505/22/2022
Compassionate CounselorA boy sentenced to a caning is surprised by the caring of the guidance counselor.3,36305/27/2022
Agonizing AphrodisiacWhen Lauren's boyfriend loses interest, she resorts to desperate measures.1,17105/28/2022
Classic MethodA religious school uses spanking, but of a more traditional variety.2,75006/06/2022
RoboethicsA mad scientist's new invention raises uncomfortable questions.2,34806/21/2022
Hot SeatCharlotte's inability to endure a novel punishment leads to something more traditional.1,95406/27/2022
Rite of PassageJulia wishes to celebrate her coming-of-age in a manner that honors the cultural heritage of her mother.2,58109/06/2022


Title Summary Chapters Date
A Spanking CarolA Sadistic Headmistress is visited by three ghosts.606/09/2022
Late StartA non-spanking mom is convinced to give it a try and becomes a quick convert.706/02/2022
Family BusinessSpanking presents a business opportunity for a father and his adult daughter.705/22/2022

Blog Posts

Title Word Count Date
Graduated Adulthood42406/12/2022